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KeraCare Butter Cream

KereCare Butter Cream

This may sound silly but I don’t normally use a moisturiser on my hair. But that doesn’t mean I walk around with dry hair. My normal regimen is to use shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, coconut oil to seal  in moisture followed by twist defining cream to create a flat twist updo. So moisture does touch my hair but just not in the old school tub-of hair-hair-grease kind of way.

I’ve decided to experiment with loser protective styles so this calls for a good moisturiser. KeraCare is a brand I trust so I wasn’t worried about the quality of the product. One of the main ingredients is shea butter so that was a good sign.

After washing, conditioning and air drying my hair I spritzed with water, applied some KeraCare Butter Cream then combed the product through. I then used some ORS Carrot Oil on top of this concentrating on my ends. Got to protect those ends! Finally I did some chunky twists all over my head, put on my silk scarf then went to bed. 🙂

The next day I took down my twists and I have to say my hair was extremely soft and moisturised! Sometimes my hair can feel dry in the morning but not this time. My hair was twist-out defined but as I didn’t want to wear it ‘out’ i used the stretch and texture to create my Week 25 style 🙂

week 25_3


2 thoughts on “KeraCare Butter Cream

    1. Ahh Thank you honey :-)I like Keracare as their prodducts are quality and you can buy them in almost any afro beauty shop. I’m just trying to keep my haircare as simple as possible:-)

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