Natural Afro Hair

Week 25 Style – Jumbo Flat Twists

week 25

Yes, I know its more or less the same as last week’s style but if it ain’t broken don’t fix it!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I love me a flat twist updo. They’re simple, elegant and can last for up to two weeks.  I love the challenge and the feeling of satisfaction once I’ve finished a new style and as I’ve now been flat-twisting for over one year I feel I can do it my sleep. The only downside is that they take a good four hours to create and I want to do other things with my time.

I’ve recently been doing less elaborate protective styles such as these two jumbo flat twists. It’s such a simple style and suits all face shapes. And most importantly it can be done in 10 minutes. I might switch it up mid-week but for now this suits me just fine. 🙂


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