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Natural Hair Wash Day & Shrinkage

Wash day 1

Natural hair wash day is not to be done in a rush, and definitely not when one is tired as I was.

natural hair wash day

I washed and deeped conditioned my hair as usual, but I left my deep conditioner on for longer than my usual 30 minutes, more closer to one hour, which resulted in my hair being extremly soft and conditioned but also very shrunken.

natural hair wash day shrinkage 3

As I was too tired to braid or blow dry I simply embraced my shrinkage and went about my business 🙂


natural hair wash day shrinkage 2



5 thoughts on “Natural Hair Wash Day & Shrinkage

      1. Hahaha, she is beautiful and healthy my dear, so don’t stress too much about that and sooo thick!!!!!!!!! Loveeee 😀 😀

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