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Straight-ish Hair with Curlformers


Curlformers. Every time I use them I envision bouncy glossy ringlets.  But then I remember that my hair is too short. And Afro-textured. For me Curlformers simply stretch my hair  and make it easier to style than if it was in its natural kinky state. The style below is a good example. I have created this style on several occasions but with flat twists. But as my hair was stretched I was able to do big flat twists and not run out of hair at the sides.

I didn’t use any setting lotion or gel as these dry out my hair. Instead I just spritzed with water and used some Keracare Leave-in Conditioner. This left my hair soft, shiny and natural looking.

Hopefully this ‘stretch’  will last for at least one week as I intend to leave my hair well alone.


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