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Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner by Curls

In a previous post I mentioned that I now use Curls Coconut Sublime Moisture Conditioner, which is a wash-off conditioner. I like the product and the brand so I recently purchased their Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner, which is the deep conditioner. It’s very easy to confuse the two as they are the same price and have very similar packaging. Personally I think that they should make it easier to differentiate between the the two but there you go.

Curls Ecstacy Deep ConditionerSpot the difference?

When I first used the Coconut conditioner it was very thick and the design of the bottle did not allow for easy dispensation. So I preempted this from happening again by purchasing some squeezy bottles. This proved to be an ingenious idea! I really hate standing in shower and shaking a full bottle of product like it’s empty with nothing coming out. Hello? You can tell how thick the product is by the picture below.

Curls Ecstacy Deep Conditioner_2Yep, the product sure is thick!

So what’s the product like? Hmm. Well it doesn’t smell as nice as the Coconut Conditioner but once I transferred it to the squeezy bottle it was easy to dispense and massage onto my hair. It sunk in well and didn’t leave me looking like I had grey hair which was good. I also found de-tangling easy as my hair was well moisturized and I was using my Hercules Sagemann comb.  I put on a shower cap for 30 minutes then rinsed off. My hair was soft, curly and moisturized. And shrunken of course.

All in all it’s a good product. I will most likely use this every other week as I’m not too keen on the fragrance. The Coconut Conditioner is much more girly an can also be used as a deep conditioner in my opinion. I will use the Hair Tea Conditioner until it finishes but I’m not sure if I’ll buy it again and again. I’ll see.


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