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Week 26 – Protective Up-do Style

I’ve had a few weeks experimenting with looser protective styles and I found that after 3 or 4 days my hair felt dry and itchy. Also it’s been quite humid in London these last few weeks so that hasn’t helped matters. So I’ve returned to what I know and that’s flat twist up-dos!

This style is similar to my week 5 style of January but not as tight. I blow-dried my hair beforehand to give it a bit more body and it seems to have worked. As I’m not into doing my hair more than once a week this style is ideal for me. I don’t plan to do anything to hair until wash day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 26 – Protective Up-do Style

  1. I am the same way. I cant stand doing my hair everday. I need a weekly style. Whats so funny is b/c i am lazy, the protective styling helps my hair, lol. YES. 2 birds. 1 Stone.

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