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Natural Hair Up-do for January

Updo_Jan 2014

I was quite lazy with my hair over Christmas and New Year. It was just in 2 Jumbo twists, which I moisturized and redid every week. Now that I’m back at work it’s back to my natural hair up-do 🙂


3 thoughts on “Natural Hair Up-do for January

  1. Well, if this is one of your lazy styles, the styles that you put effort into must be spectacular! This “lazy twist” looks fabulous!! I’ve tried so many times to twist my hair upward into a jumbo twist but I can never get it to look this neat. You’ve motivated to try again . 🙂

      1. Well a couple of days is still wonderful! I have been wearing a side pony-tail for a week! I’m given my fingers and hair a break from twisting each night.

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