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Natalie Gumede & Artem’s Charleston to ‘Bang Bang’

My Natalie Gumede obsession is alive and well. In last Saturday’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing Natalie and Artem danced a Charleston to’s ‘Bang Bang’. I wasn’t sure if the song would work but it does. It’s very addictive! The live singers sang it brilliantly and deserve much credit. It was also good to see a more modern Charleston as some of the more ‘traditional’ ones can be quite blah.

 The hair stylist gave Natalie a Josephine-Baker-style wig to wear, which suited the mood of the dance. A lot of people on Twitter were wondering how they got all of her glorious kinky hair under that wig, but we all know about the versatility of Afro hair 🙂

It was nice to see Natalie with a different hair style for one week but hopefully she’ll be rocking a more natural Afro style next week.

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