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Natalie Gumede’s Natural Hair Updo on Strictly Come Dancing (UK)

I’m a BIG fan of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show (AKA Dancing with the Stars in the USA); I have watched every episode since the show started. Sad I know. So I was delighted when UK actress Natalie Gumede wore her gorgeous long natural hair in an elegant updo. The style she wore was not too dissimilar to Teyonah Paris’ iconic updo, which I think Natalie’s hairdresser drew inspiration from.

Natalie and her Russian dance partner Artem Chigvinsev danced a quickstep to a ‘jazzy’ interpretation of Usher’s ‘Yeah’. I must admit the ‘jazzy’ version takes a bit of getting used to and the outfits were ‘different’, but on the whole their performance was absolutely brilliant!

Strictly Come Dancing attracts an audience of 10 million viewers per show (UK Population 60-65 million) so it’s as mainstream as it gets. I’m just so happy that UK viewers got the chance to admire natural hair in all its versatile glory 🙂


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