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Hair Comb Bun Up-do

Hair Comb Bun_5

My hair had been protected in finger coils for a few weeks so I decided to set it free. After washing and deep-conditioning I put it in two stand twists over night to allow for some stretch. I  used two medium sized hair combs on either side then loosely flat-twisted and tucked in my loose hair. At the front I did my usual pomp-quiff thing to give the style some structure.

So this is my go-to work hair style when I can’t be bothered with intricate flat-twist styles. It’s neat, professional and will not attract too much attention. It’s also very simple to do  as you don’t need any styling skills, just your hair combs, bobby bins and find minutes.

The only thing I will say is that you  probably should not sleep with them. My hair is quite fine in density and I did feel them scratching my scalp a bit, but if you have thick hair you might not have this problem.

All in all it’s ‘safe’ natural cute hair style that won’t frighten the horses 🙂


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