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The Natural Lounge Swap & Meet

On Saturday I attended the Natural Lounge Swap & Meet. This was an event where UK Naturals exchanged beauty products they didn’t want for products that they did. A fantastic idea especially for those of us who suffer from product-junkieism! Ahem.

So I brought 3 products to event which were all gels. I’ve tried so many gels and none of them slick my hair down without drying and breaking my hair, so they had to go!

I must admit that when I first arrived I didn’t see anything I liked. Then I got talking to my fellow naturalistas and managed to get hold of 3 products that I actually wanted.

Swap Meetup Haul

The first product I bagged was L’Occitaine’s Dry Skin Foot Cream. Now this normally retails for about £20 so you understand my delight at getting my hands on this for free. I must say a big thank you to Cynthia for letting me have this. Cynthia, you rock!

Cynthia and Me
Cynthia and Me

My second treat was the Treseme Heat Defence spray. I have bought this product before but only the miniature version. This was such a boon as I was actually going to buy this next pay day. I have to give a shout out to Karen who kindly gave me this product. Karen actually took one of my gels so it was all good 🙂

My third and best steal of the day was a jar of KeraCare Naturals Twist and Define Cream. If you know me then you know I love me some KeraCare. I actually buy this product, which retails for £10. It was barely used as it still had the paper seal. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe my luck!

Another highlight was meeting Crystal Afro who is one my favourite UK Bloggers. She has an incredible blog named United Kinkdom, which I am a big fan of. Crystal is so cool and does so much work promoting UK naturals.  A big-up to Crystal!

Me and Crystal Afro

@CrystalAfro & Me

So my overall view of this event is Fabulous! I managed to find products that I actually wanted and met some amazing naturals. It wasn’t just about natural hair but about meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals. Everyone was friendly and I had a fantastic time!

Well done Angel for hosting  an enjoyable and successful event 🙂


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