Natural Afro Hair

Week 7 Style

Well my love affair with Curlformers was short lived! I’m a protective style girl at heart so I’ve gone back to what I know best.  This style is called the ‘U-Roll’ as it’s shaped like the letter ‘U’ and I don’t have enough hair for a French Roll.  I flat-twisted the sides half way and the left the middle section of hair ‘free’. I then made a parting down the middle and used the free hair along with the flat-twisted hair to form two larger flat twists on each side of my head. This is a simple style which can be done in under two hours. I finished up with my usual mini pompadour at the front.

This is a good style to wear under a winter hat. Your scalp will be warm and your style will stay in place when you remove your hat 🙂


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