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So I finally got round to trying out my Curlformers. I bought the ‘long and narrow’ ones as my hair is quite thin and I wanted defined curls. Here’s what I looked like

ImageSexy, I know. It took me an our and a half to put them in which isn’t too bad. I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave In conditioner and Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll on damp hair and the products worked well together.

Curlformers are really, really uncomfortable to sleep in so I won’t be doing that again. Also although 40 Curlformers sounds like a lot, it’s not. My hair is not thick and I could have done with an extra 10 at least. I’ll probably treat my self to another set of 40 so that I can create the styles I want.

Anyway, this is how it turned out:


It’s a bit Goldilocks I know, but his was just a tester and I was happy with the results. I know now how to use Curlformers and I know which products to use, so when I try again I’ll take my time and start in the morning so that my hair can air dry during the day.

Next time I’m going to do big-ass Afro!


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