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Finger Coils into Updo

I’ve always wanted to try finger coils but have never had the patience, but as I had an empty diary I decided to set myself the coil challenge! If you’ve never tried finger coils before then I should forewarn you that this is an all-day event. My hair is hair is short and not very… Continue reading Finger Coils into Updo


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Natural Afro Hair · Natural Hair Products · Product Review

Sofn’free GroHealthy – Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner

I bought this cleansing wash during my product junkie days. As I had so many shampoos I shoved it the back of the cupboard and forgot about it. Recently whilst tidying up, I rediscovered it and decided to give it try. The product has a light consistency with a fresh citrusy fragrance. According to the… Continue reading Sofn’free GroHealthy – Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner

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