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Finger Coils into Updo

coily updo_left side

I’ve always wanted to try finger coils but have never had the patience, but as I had an empty diary I decided to set myself the coil challenge! If you’ve never tried finger coils before then I should forewarn you that this is an all-day event. My hair is hair is short and not very dense but still took me the best part of 8 hours. I must confess that I almost lost the will to complete and took several snack breaks.

Coil products

For this style I used only two products. A spray bottle containing water and some leave-in conditioner and Nothing But Curly Pudding. I’ve never used curly puddings before so I thought it best to go with an affordable natural-hair-friendly brand.

My technique was simple:

  • spray small section of hair
  • apply curly pudding
  • comb through
  • twist hair around finger(s)

This took me absolutely ages and I can say that I won’t be doing this again anytime soon. Having said all that I was reasonably happy with the results. Finger Coils is a ‘shrinkage’ style so if you have short fine hair like mine, don’t expect big bouncy curls. For me this was a better option than mini twists as coils are easier to undo. Just spritz and carefully comb through. I hope to keep the coils for two weeks.


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